Thank you for visiting Engaging Curiosity. The purpose of this website is to empower teachers to take charge of their classroom through positive classroom management strategies. Our aim is to support the teacher in removing the chaos, renewing student engagement and reclaiming free time.

If you are wondering how to create your classroom management plan please visit the blog posts as we discuss classroom management styles, and provide classroom management techniques for you to consider.

As you explore the posts we desire to support you to develop your classroom management strategy.

We are primarily focused classroom management elementary, but the posts we will be sharing will discuss research based strategies and can be considered effective at any grade level.

If you are wondering how does classroom management affect learning, we will delve into the impact of a dysregulated and chaotic classroom.

We agree with Plutarch, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you choose to explore what we have to offer, here, at Engaging Curiosity

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