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And I have experienced it too.  🥴

An image of a teacher talking o a students with text that reads,'The right classroom management strategies empower you to be the teacher you want to be.'.
Battle imposter syndrome with proven classsroom management strategies. You are not alone.
On the left it reads, "research based classsroom managemeng strategies have been proven to be effective in the classroom.", and on the right it reads, "Best Practice"
Research-based classroom management strategies are the right classroom management strategies.
They have been effective in many, many classrooms.
This is a large mural that I did with each class when we studied the rainforest. This was a multi-day event, and often students were expected to know their task and work at it independently. I answered lots of questions during these projects, but I can’t remember having to manage any behaviour. That was already in place.
An image of an excited grinning little girl with her hands to her face, and the caption, "You made me brave."
This was in the year end card from a student.
In the primary classroom most of the students are predisposed to love you.
My personal marker for success was not that they loved me, but that they felt safe to take a risk.

You have gifts and talents to share. And you want to set the stage for your students to:

  • Know their jobs and responsibilities
  • Do their jobs and responsibilities
  • Care for each other
  • Participate comfortably and with enthusiasm
An image of a grinning teacher, head on her arms which are perched on a pile of books as she sits at her desk. Text reads, 'Effective classroom management allows you to share your passions with your students. Your brain is free from the constant impacts of stress and overwhelm.'.
Effective classroom management is not drudgery, it is the practice that makes you free to express your passions and abilities as a teacher.
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  • Decades in teaching and para-teaching roles including time homeschooling
  • Experience in multiple roles and contexts within the brick and mortar system
  • Post-baccalaureate training and diplomas
  • Waaaaay more professional development than is available to most classroom teachers
  • Experience as a Learning Support teacher in K-6
  • Classroom teacher in grades 1, 2, 5, 8 and 9 
  • Substitute teacher for K-6 & 10
  • Reading intervention from K-6
  • Math intervention K-6
  • Classroom assistant in K-6 classrooms
An image of a teacher's desk with books and pencils, and a blackboard in the background, text reads, 'Great activities and challenging topics for the age level.'. Reflects what effective classroom management trategies caan help teachers to accomplish in the classroom.
This written feedback from a colleague after I presented to staff reinforces that a teacher can do so much more with effective classroom management strategies.
“Image of a teacher's desk with an apple on it, and writing on the blackboard behind the desk,'I'm not ready for him to move on from your class! I wish you could be his teacher forever! Not only was I able to watch him learn this year from you. I was also able to watch his character grow. I will be forever grateful to you for what you deposited into him this year!”
Effective classroom management supports positive relationship building with parents too.
This little one was a joy to have in my class, but without effective classroom management strategies that may have been very different.

Gain the respect of your colleagues and the love and trust of your students:

  • know that you are changing lives and that you are where you are meant to be.
  • leave school with time to invest in yourself,
Image of a teddy bear readig a book and text that reads, '“I really miss being in your class, and I just wanted to say hi.”' as a testament to the relationships that are built through effective classroom managemenet strategies'
Classroom management is too often considered the rules and consequences. that teachers implement.
Instead it is the foundation of the safe and loving community you create for your students.

Remove classroom chaos, renew student engagement, reclaim your free time.

green background, text overlay reads Download the FREE classroom management checklist here. Images of the pages of the checklist.
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