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10 Amazing Back-to-School Activities: Make Memorable First Days

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Back-to-School Activities Elementary Students

Hey there, teachers! With the first day of school approaching, are you feeling a mix of nerves and excitement? Are you looking for some fun back-to-school activities 1st grade, that will also be engaging as back-to-school activities 2nd grade?

Well, fear not, I have a treasure trove of super fun and engaging back-to-school activities ready for your 1st and 2nd graders! I have mentioned a few adaptations. These will be just right for everyone.

I love that these activities are also a perfect fit for getting your classroom management up and running. We can talk about that as we go. You will find that some of the links scattered throughout the post to help you to connect these activities to the pillars of classroom management.

Let’s jump right in and make those first school days unforgettable for you and your students!

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Start the school year with community building activities that also support social emotional learning.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt Back to School Activities

Don’t you love the idea of your students running around excitedly exploring the wonders of nature? A nature scavenger hunt is perfect to get the school year started on the right note. 

Simply create a checklist with items like leaves, rocks, and flowers, and let the kiddos team up and hunt for them in the school garden or playground. 

For a back-to-school activities elementary pdf use this one in the schoolyard, or this one if you are heading to a forest. I quite like them both because they include pictures for the students who can’t read yet.

Better yet, do a quick brainstorm together of what they can be looking for.  Have them copy it from the board, and make their own checklist. 

Not only is the scavenger hunt a lot of fun, but you get a quick informal snapshot of their writing abilities. If they can’t write or copy the word, just have them draw a picture. These are great examples to start on differentiation in the classroom by: adapting the activity, involving students interests, and creating flexible learning environments.

Using outdoor engaging back-to-school activities is also also a sneaky way to teach observation skills and nature appreciation!  

Your students will love getting outside, and you’ll see their curiosity and excitement ignite.

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Incorporate the Great Outdoors in your engaging back-to-school-activities! Children love to be outside, and starting off with such simple, differentiated, self-regulating activities is sure to please.

2. Back-to-School Building Bonanza

All 1st-grade architects and 2nd-grade builders love to construct. Challenge your students to build the highest, strongest, or even goofiest structure using popsicle sticks, tape, paper, glue or whatever comes to mind. 

This hands-on activity teaches engineering concepts, and promotes problem-solving and team while it creates student engagement and motivation! 

You will be amazed at their creative ideas and you will get a snapshot of how they work collaboratively and practice social-emotional skills and honouring classroom expectations.

Who knows? You might have some future engineers in your class!

3. Back-to-School Outdoor Experiments – Let’s Get Hands-On!

Take your class outside for some engaging outdoor science experiments. 

Explore the water cycle by setting up an evaporation station or dig into the secrets of soil properties. 

Students love to see science concepts come to life before their eyes.  Outside is the perfect place for hands-on learning, and your students will be buzzing with excitement as they conduct their experiments. 

Establishing expectations is always essential before going outside, before group work, and before science experiments. This is a great opportunity for you to observe and affirm their choices as they elevate their choices.

4. Gardening Galore Back-to-School Activities for Students!

Are you interested in planting the seeds of knowledge and responsibility in your 2nd graders? Start a school garden, a classroom garden or a terrarium!

Let your students get their hands dirty as they plant and care for their own plants. Hands-on learning is an integral part of differentiation in a classroom, and it can also help students with social-emotional learning.

Gardening teaches them about science and nature, and it creates a sense of ownership and patience as they watch their little green buddies grow! 

What a wonderful opportunity to teach them about sustainability and healthy eating habits depending upon what you plant.

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Start with the end in mind. Create engagement from day one, and use the time effectively to practice their social-emotional learning. Teach them about sustainability and healthy eating habits while they are having a blast!

5. Code Your Way to Success – Calling All Young Coders!

Coding is definitely a blast for 1st and 2nd graders? Introduce your students to the world of coding through interactive games and coding platforms specially designed just for their age gropu.

They navigate through fun challenges, developing some logical thinking, computational skills, and maybe even their growth mindset along the way. 

Coding prepares them for the digital age and it nurtures creativity and problem-solving abilities too! Problem-solving is an essential skill for developing a growth mindset.

6. Arts and Crafts Extravaganza – Let Creativity Shine!

Invite them to explode with imagination! How about some arts and crafts? 

Provide your students with materials like coloured paper, magazines, and fabric, and watch them get creative as they make collages.  Assign a theme or topic… or don’t.

Use this activity as an opportunity to really teach into how students will gather their supplies and transition into the activity. This is how to get established by elaborating to the students about classroom routines and organization.

This activity nurtures their artistic talents and encourages self-expression while boosting their fine motor skills. 

Have them share their creations, and it becomes a community-building activity.

7. Nature’s Paintbrush – Unleash the Artist Within!

Time to take art class outside! Head out to the playground (or on a field trip) and take a nature walk with your little artists and collect leaves, flowers, and small branches. 

Now you have a couple of options.

  1. Back in the classroom, give them paint and let their imaginations run wild as they use nature’s gifts as paintbrushes to create unique and textured masterpieces. 
  2. Give them a 3 x 5 piece of black construction paper, and have them create a picture with their collection. Place a frame around it, and take a photo of their creation. Later on, you can print off all of the photos (black and white is just fine 😉) and you have a fantastic bulletin board ready to go!

I usually took the photo straight to a Google Doc on my phone, so I could type in their name to keep the photos straight.

Either of these hands-on nature-based art activities encourages creativity and develops an appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. Their artistic expressions will leave you in awe!

Draw your students into a discussion about how they felt as they created their artwork. Elaborate upon those ideas and connect them with social-emotional learning.

8. Team-Building Extravaganza – Classroom Community Building

Create a sense of classroom community with back-to-school activities for students that are team-building activities. 

  1. Involve your students in fun challenges like the Tower of Cups. The goal is to work together to build the tallest tower using plastic cups. 
  1. Try the Human Knot. Have them form a circle and then attempt to untangle themselves without letting go of their hands. 

These activities promote communication and problem-solving and create a positive and supportive class culture. When combined these work directly on growth mindset, social-emotional learning, and classroom community!

Not too shabby! 😄

9. Virtual Adventures – Explore the World from Your Classroom!

Try a virtual field trip! Take your students to museums, national parks, historical sites, and even other countries while sitting in their desks.

For more fun, ownership and engagement provide them with some examples of where you could go (showing them a picture onscreen is best), ask for more suggestions, and then take a vote on where to go.

They will love exploring these virtual wonders, and you will open their hearts and minds to other people, places and cultures. 

Developing respect for other people and places through these field trips will contribute to your classroom community activities, and the nature of this type of activity is a great example of differentiation in classrooms.

10. Back to School Community Building with Collaborative Projects

Assign your students to work in small groups on projects like creating a class newspaper, where each group contributes articles for different sections. 

As you discuss the activity (ies) you choose, refer back to classroom expectations and rules. Discuss how they decided they wanted to treat each other, and what might be the natural consequence of not treating each other that way.

Or embark on a community project, such as creating a mural for a local park or organizing a fundraiser for a charitable cause. 

These projects not only develop academic and social skills but also instill a sense of community and responsibility in your students. 

Collaborative projects encourage teamwork and can develop peer support in your classroom.

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Are you intent on engaging your students from the first day of back-to-school? Any of these ideas will create engagement while starting with the end in mind.

My Very First Day using Back-to-School Activities

Tensions were high, and I was awash in uncertainty.  What was today going to look like? Did I have enough for the kiddos to do? Were they the right activities?

I only asked myself about the first day because that was all I had planned. For the record, I had spent the better part of the summer getting ready. 

However, because this was a brand new classroom my time had been focused on ordering supplies and speaking with the custodian about changes to the classroom. 

It was only during the last couple of weeks I had been able to get started on planning for the first day, and that involved all the copying and cutting and laminating.

I finally realized that if I could just feel completely ready for the first day, I could then plan the second day. Slowly and over time I would get a little bit further ahead.

Remembering that very first day I created a resource that I hope will help others. This resource is, essentially, what we did on my first day back-to-school as a classroom teacher. 

Inside the Back-to-School Activities Resource

Drum roll please !!! (If you haven’t asked for a drum roll in the classroom, you are missing out on some fun. Try it, I dare you to.)

But I digress. 😉

Inside this resource you will find:

  • your first ice-breaker activity
  • story recommendations with group activities to accompany them
  • a choice of partner cards that I hope you will use for years to come to assign random partners
  • a lesson plan to get classroom expectations established
  • a handwashing lesson plan 
  •  a community-building activity
  • a couple of other bits and bobs.

Although I am retired now, establishing my classroom and watching my students grow and thrive was the absolute best part of teaching. I created this resource with the hope that it will help others to get started on a similar journey.

alt="sage green background with an unfocused picture of flowers in the midsection.The heading reads, "Back to School Essentials" For Day one, with a similar caption on the icon bleow it. The icon is promoting a classroom resource designed to support a teacher getting a strong start to classroom management for the school year. The image also contains the web address for Engaging Curiosity."
This classroom resource has been created with my all time best first day activities. Start the school year the way you intend to go on, with engagement, high standards and calm. Press here for more details.

The Adventure Begins with Back to School Activities! 😁

As you step into this year as an elementary school teacher, remember that the first days of school are about building connections and setting the tone for the year ahead. 

I hope you found the connection to the other posts on classroom management to see how useful these activities can be for getting your classroom management plan started.

Create student engagement with these types of back-to-school activities in your classroom. You’ll create a positive and joyful learning environment that will set the right tone for the year. 

Heading outside, unleashing creativity through art, or embarking on a real  or virtual field trip, will bring smiles, laughter and a greater sense of community to your classroom.

Breathe deep, embrace your joy of teaching, and let the fun and excitement of these back-to-school activities spark your students’ lifelong love for learning. 

You are just getting started, and it will be an amazing year! 

Happy teaching! 🎉

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